The preparation of Ikorodu Sub-Region Master Plan (2016 – 2036) is one of the exertions of a tireless and dedicated administration to achieve the vision of “making Lagos Africa’s Model Megacity and Global, Economic and Financial hub that is safe, secure, functional and productive” (LSDP, 2012-2025).

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Lagos State Government and management of Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development for the opportunity given to us, an indigenous urban planning consulting firm, to prepare an integrated twenty (20) years master plan that will provide holistic strategy to enhance safe living, economic development and sustainable urban development for Ikorodu sub-region in the next twenty (20) years.

Ikorodu sub-region at present functions as a major gateway corridor to the metropolis and the state. However, due to rapid urbanization, the sub-region is characterized by high population growth, traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure, encroachment on agricultural land uses, land management conflicts, environmental degradation, sea level rise and flooding. Therefore, the Ikorodu sub-region master plan (2016 – 2036) aims to assess the existing planning gaps, identify likely potential of the sub-region to develop an adaptive approach that will explore available physical and environmental resources for sustainable development in the next twenty (20) years.

Ikorodu sub-region is made up of several communities and neighborhoods, each with its own peculiarity, cultural heritage and pride. The sub-region is growing rapidly as the population is expected to exceed the projected 2 million inhabitants by 2036 and this is anticipated to put more pressure on the available infrastructure. The sub-region experiences its most intense period of development for generations, not only in the major towns and adjoining settlements, but in the rural settlements and fringes.

Ikorodu sub-region master plan is a long-term plan which will integrate an all-inclusive approach that will contribute to the safe living, socioeconomic development and sustainable urban development across the sub-region. The master plan will consider identification of quick-win projects, propose short-term and medium-term development plans and identify specific action areas that will improve the physical, social and economic environment of Ikorodu sub-region.

To achieve the  above,  a participatory approach was adopted which involved direct participation of stakeholders in the identification of problems and solutions in a holistic approach.


The mission statement of the project is to prepare planning proposals for future developments aimed at harnessing the resources, characteristics and environmental sustainability of the sub-region for physical and socio-economic growth and development. The Ikorodu sub-region master plan (2016 – 2036) will identify investment options and intervention strategies for short, medium and long-term plans for the sub-region that will envision a “Contemporary Eco-City” development which will utilize the sub-region’s undeveloped green-fields, waterways and lagoon front potential to make it a viable investment destination in Lagos State.


The vision of the Ikorodu sub-region project is to develop a sustainable inclusive master plan that will enhance the potential of the sub-region to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life in the region for the next 20 years.

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